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Learn more about Mobile Medical Alert

Mobile medical alert systems are a fairly new technology. Although medical alert systems have been around since the late 1970’s they were not mobile. Until recently medical alert systems were a home based product tied to a telephone line connection with a base station and medical pendant. The technology was great, it saved thousands of lives and allowed seniors the opportunity to stay in their...

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One Of The Biggest Threats To The Health Of Senior Citizens In 2014 about one third of the senior population over age 65 suffered a debilitating fall and the risk of a fall increases more substantially with age. At age 80 more than half fall each year. It is suspected that this number is actually somewhat inaccurate due to the number of falls unreported  by seniors and...

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Growing older is something everyone will eventually have to face in their lifetime. Growing older means not getting around as easily as we used to when we were younger. Falling down or suddenly becoming ill  are now real possibilities.  Most people are independent by nature and prefer to take care of things on their own. Especially seniors who have been taking care of themselves and everybody else for years....

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