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How It Works

Agile Mobile Medical Alert is a non­intrusive gps medical alert system designed to work with your active lifestyle.


Press the large square button any time you need help. Our trained dispatchers will quickly respond to see what you need.


Our dispatcher will use Agile’s GPS technology to track you location. Even if you are unable to respond, help is on the way to you.


The dispatcher will find out what your emergency is, who you want to contact, and what information you want relayed.


The dispatcher will notify the authorities or family member, explain the emergency, and relay any pertinent information.

How To Buy

Getting started with a mobile medical alert system from Agile is easy. Our buying process is intuitive and quick, simply:


Read about us and decide you want a mobile medical alert system from Agile.


Select the Agile Medical Alert System and any additional accessories from our shop.

Sign Up

Agree to the terms and conditions and monthly monitoring fee.


We will activate, test, and ship your unit directly to your home.


Your monthly monitoring will be automatically paid every month with the card you choose. You can update or cancel your payment at any time.

Ready to get started?