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Mobile Medical Alerts, A Senior’s Best Friend

Mobile Medical Alerts, A Senior’s Best Friend

One Of The Biggest Threats To The Health Of Senior Citizens

In 2014 about one third of the senior population over age 65 suffered a debilitating fall and the risk of a fall increases more substantially with age. At age 80 more than half fall each year. It is suspected that this number is actually somewhat inaccurate due to the number of falls unreported  by seniors and unnoticed by family members.

About half of the elderly population released from the hospital with a fall related hip fracture will experience another fall incident within six months. Falls account for more deaths due to injury among seniors than any other factor. Twenty five percent of all falls result in hospitalization. Forty percent of those hospitalized do not return to independent living and twenty five percent die within one year.

Many falls do not result in injury however a large portion of non injured seniors who fall cannot get back up without assistance. For those who fall and cannot get back up on their own, the time they spend being immobile often has a negative effect on their long term health. Receiving help quickly after a senior falls increases the probability that they will be able to return to an independent lifestyle.

Time Matters When A Senior Falls

Seniors who fall and cannot get back up on their own often experience a multitude of health problems. If a Senior spends an extended period of time being immobile it can have very negative effects on their health. They often experience dehydration, cell breakdown, pressure sores, hypothermia and even pneumonia in some severe cases. Receiving help quickly after a fall greatly improves a senior’s chance of survival as well as a return to independent living. Someone knowing the fall has occurred and being able to locate the Senior quickly are the two most important factors.

Getting Help Quickly, Getting Help Now

As I stated above how quickly a Senior receives help after a fall can literally be the difference between life and death. The best solution for insuring help arrives quickly is a mobile medical alert. Mobile medical alerts utilize both cellular and GPS technologies to insure the Senior is located quickly. When a fall happens and the Senior activates the mobile medical alert by pressing the help button, a trained central station attendant knows the exact location of the fall and dispatches emergency medical technicians to aid the Senior. The total elapsed time between the press of the help button and the dispatch of emergency personnel to aid the Senior is a few seconds.  The quick response time coupled with pinpointing the exact location of the fall results in the best possible outcome for the Senior. So as you can see the faster medical help arrives to help a Senior after a fall the better the overall outcome.

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